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M (day version) by Takashi Homma

M (day version)
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M (day version)

Artist: Takashi Homma
Sheet Size:?H15.1 x W10.8in (H383 x W275mm)?No Frame
Image?Size:?H7.5 x W10.8in (H192 x W275mm)?No Frame
Year: 2010
Medium:?C-print, Photo book "M" in original box
Signed:?and numbered on the verso of the print
Delivery Time: 2 weeks

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McDonalds, a familiar presence
In September 2010, photographer Takashi Homma held a solo exhibition entitled ‘M’ at Tokyo’s Gallery 360°, which became the talk of the town. These photographs were released for sale in conjunction with the exhibition. The name of the exhibition – ‘M’ – is taken from McDonald’s. For close to ten years, Takashi Homma has continued to photograph McDonald’s restaurants around the world. McDonald’s had been a familiar presence in his life ever since his childhood, making McDonald’s a natural choice as a subject of his photography, in his quest to capture the ordinary everyday. The sights portrayed in these photographs will appear strangely familiar to the viewer, no matter where he or she comes from. This alone could be proof of how effectively McDonald’s has been able to sell its brand throughout the globe.

McDonald’s in France
The McDonald’s was taken in Bordeaux, France. Athough the photo was taken in France, the suburban McDonald’s storefront is typical of McDonald’s the world over. The M blends easily into the scenery like another road sign, perhaps because the colours of the enormous M matches the other signs on the right side of the photograph. There was another photo edition taken at night however it is already sold out.

Photo and Special Collection Set
The photograph comes with a collection specially put together in commemoration of the exhibition. Both the face of special collection book and the storage box they come in are printed on silkscreen. For the exhibition ‘M’, Homma tried developing his photos on silkscreen for the first. Homma made utilised colour proofs for silkscreen printing to ensure the colours would be captured his image accurately. The face of the special collection book comprises ten randomly chosen works capturing different sights, giving buyers a surprise to look forward to. The photograph comes in a 2-panelled folder. The serial number and explanation are printed on one side, while the photo itself occupies the upper half of the other, with Homma’s signature on the lower half. In order to deliver Homma’s works to you at a more affordable price, the photograph comes in a slightly smaller size.



homma_day_detail_4 homma_day_detail_5 homma_day_detail_3

Photo book in special book      Signature on photo book       Edition number

homma_day_detail_2 homma_day_detail_1

Photograph placed in a sheet          Photograph placed on a sheet with a signature