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Maiko Haruki

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Maiko Haruki

Born in 1974, Ibaraki, Japan. Maiko Haruki is a promising artist who experiments with films to achieve new expressions in photography. Her work tells us that there is more to see than what our eyes can see or any cameras can capture. She erases the characteristics of the landscape or motifs to puzzle people’s mind and leads us to think outside the box. By intentionally creating under or over exposed images, which makes the photographs almost all black or white or moving around the negatives in the darkroom to print the blanks between the negatives, she uses any elements in her work. The lack or exaggeration of light and shadows deconstructs our perception of objects. The artist leaves the viewer in a state of contemplation; we are now creating our own new views of the world.

To lean about this artist, go to Haruki Maiko’s artist page.

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