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New Arrival: Takashi Homma printed McDonald in silkscreen

"M-Bordeaux" by Takashi Homma

“M-Bordeaux” by Takashi Homma

AZITO is pleased to introduce new artworks by Takashi Homma.

"M-Winterthur" by Takashi Homma

“M-Winterthur” by Takashi Homma

We are happy to introduce this new artwork series by Takashi Homma.

What Homma captured this time is McDonald. McDonald is the most famous restaurant chain, maybe most of the people in the world have used at least once in their life time. McDonald was a very close to Homma too. It was in his everyday life.

Homma is famous for capturing a usual life, not a special and sensational thing but as it is. So choosing McDonald as a motif was a natural choice. The interesting point of this new series is that he photographed the shop not in Japan but in US, France and other countries. He might have choosen McDonald as a universal motif of everyday life and be trying to reach directly to people’s mind all around the world.

"M-New York" by Takashi Homma

“M-New York” by Takashi Homma

For this series, Homma printed his works in a large slikscreen print for the first time. Emphasizing the dots and expressing his works in a new way. Surface is not smoothe and looks like an old print printed more than 20 years ago which takes into your memory.

What is your memory about McDonald? How are these shops seen in your eyes?

text by Rasa Tsuda