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Daido Moriyama

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Daido Moriyama

Born in 1938, Osaka, Japan. After working as an assistant under photographers Takeji Iwamiya and Eikoh Hosoe, Moriyama struck out on his own in 1964. His photographs were continuously featured in photography magazines. From 1968 to 70, he joined the legendry zine named “Provoke.” In the 60s and 70s, Moriyama caused waves in the Japanese photography scene with his high contrasted, coarse grained photographs, the essence of which is best captured in the expression “rough, slur, blur”. He never stopped questioning “What is photography?” and answered this question with the publication of two collections of his work in 1972- “good-bye photograph (Shashin-yo-Sayounara)” and “Hunter (Kariudo)”, both being radical explorations of the topic at hand. However, by publishing both books, Moriyama found that his photography had become too conceptual and slid into a slump. Later on, Moriyama started serializing his work in a new magazine named “generation of photograph (Shashin-jidai, 1980-)” , breaking new ground for his mindset towards photography.

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