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New Arrival: Hiroshi Fuji, Collecting tons of toys showed the power of continuity

Untitled by Hiroshi Fuji, mixed media,

Untitled by Hiroshi Fuji, mixed media,

Thanks to Azito’s partner, Mori Yu Gallery, we brought 4 new works by Hiroshi Fujii to Azito collectors. Looking at each birds carefully, you will notice that they are made of toys such as swords, propeller, caps and airplanes. These toys were given by kids and we would like to share the story behind it.

Over the last 13 years, Fuji has collected more than 50,000 toys through an event called “Kaekko”, which means exchanging. It is a place for kids to exchange toys with points they can get by bringing their own toys or doing some little job at the “Kaekko” shop. Little by little, toys remained at his place and he started to collect and sort them by colors and materials.

Look at the view of his solo exhibition held at 3331 Arts Chiyoda this summer, below. This is a really powerful view. These toys could have ended up their lives as waste materials. But now they are creating this dreamlike landscape with his imagination.

Exhibition view of "Where have all these toys come from?" by Hiroshi Fuji.

Exhibition view of “Where have all these toys come from?” by Hiroshi Fuji.

It must have been difficult to manage thousands of toys, especially, when people were not understanding why he was collecting them. But thanks to his courage and strong will to continue this project, we could enjoyed this view filled with enormous numbers of toys.

Isn’t it difficult to continue one thing? Blogging could be end in a month, diet could be end in a week and running could be end on the first rainy day. However, we know how important it is to continue it. Continuity brings quantity and quantity is a power when you look back. Fuji has told this simple but important thing straight forward through his work.

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