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Happy Ring - Tiger by Hiroshi Fuji

Happy Ring – Tiger

Happy Ring – Tiger


Artist: Hiroshi Fuji
Size:?Diameter 13 x Height 4.3in (Dia 33 x H 11 cm, image size)
Year: 2008
Medium:?Mixed media
Signed:?on?work and the certificate of authority
Delivery Time: 2 weeks
Provided in the partnership with:MORI YU GALLERY

Price: US$810?(price of the work)Shipping fee
?US$60(US, Eur, Asia)

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The “Happy Ring” series are made of?Happy Meal?toys which children got from McDonald’s. As these toys were actually played by children before they are built in this art work, some of them are dirty while others are clean. The objects are vibrant with clear color contrasts, so when it is made into a ring, it creates patterns. Coming from a family of?Oshima Tsumugi?(mud-dyed textiles) producers, Fuji grew up viewing beautiful patterns. The idea of sequences of similar shapes forming circles may have come from his sense of aesthetics he has cultivated as a young boy.

We can not miss the story of how he got these toys from children. Fuji had collected waste materials at his house to use them in his art work. One day, he asked kids if they want to do anything with them. They told him that they wanted to open a toy shop. Since he wanted to create a community through his art project, Fuji decided to open a place to exchange toys with points which kids can get by either bringing toys or doing a little job at the shop. This event is called “Kaekko” and has been held for more than 5000 times.

Rings may look pretty simple in individual. However look at the installation he held at Mito Museum in 2008. The scenery is quite powerful and beautiful. One of the concept he has in his mind is to change something under valued in the society into something special. He is literally showing it in front of us.


Installation view of “Happy Forest” by Hiroshi Fuji at Art Tower Mito in 2008. (Image via?Hiroshi Fuji’s blog)

fuji_Happyring_tiger_detail_1 fuji_Happyring_tiger_detail_3

Face of the tiger         Each tiger is connected by adhesion bond.


Body of the tiger

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