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New Arrival: Naoko Sekine, depth created by a pencil and your awareness

Sekine only uses pencils — and a stylus at times– to create her work. What a simple medium! But her expression is broad and far from what I could have imagined as a work created by a pencil.

In some of her works, their surfaces shine like a metal due to graphite. It shows a different face when you change the angle standing toward the work. In other works, it shows a soft cloud-like surface which is gentle and calm.

Details of "The captured charm" by Naoko Sekine

Details of “The captured charm” by Naoko Sekine

She sees artworks as an 3 dimensional object. It means that you can only see one perspective from one point and have to move around to see the other side.? “The other side” in her work means the viewer’s awareness or environmental situation reflecting on the work.

What impressed me the most is that she uses pencils from 5 different countries. Moreover, she can tell which pencil she used in her work by seeing its texture. It shows how sensitively and deeply she understands the medium and process. Pencil for her is completely different from the one for me. Her attitude made me to think “What is the medium that I am working with? Do I really understand about it? ” People create something everyday such as products, foods, writings or anything categorized as an output. As well as what we create, it must be important to understand the medium we use. It must make a difference as an output when it is delivered to someone.

text by Rasa Tsuda