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New Arrival: Kosuke Tsumura collaged original artworks and its photo in one frame


"code blanket record1" by Kosuke Tsumura

“code blanket record1″ by Kosuke Tsumura

AZITO is pleased to introduce the artworks by Kosuke Tsumura.

"codelace record2" by Kosuke Tsumura

“codelace record2″ by Kosuke Tsumura

"dragon stole record2" by Kosuke Tsumura

“dragon stole record2″ by Kosuke Tsumura



text by Teriha Faye Yaegashi

By its very nature, collage is a medium which evokes the many possibilities of texture, purpose, and presence. Composed from photographs and original artworks, Kosuke Tsumura’s distinctive series, entitled “Code Blanket”, “Code Lace” and “Dragonstole”, further stretches the possibilities of the two-dimensional surface by wrangling together fashion pieces with the artistic mediums of photography and collage; hand-craft with digital technology; and photographs with their respective objects.In the pursuit of creating a new code through traditional craftwork, Tsumura hand-knits cables, cords, and other tough industrial pieces like wires into purely aesthetic objects. Turning away from their developmental, mechanical functionality of their raw parts, these fashion pieces are valuable for the artistic attention given to them.

A celebrated fashion designer with an impressive roster of contemporary art awards, Kosuke Tsumura plays up his artistic sensibilities freely, seamlessly combining his hand-crafted objet with other media. By directing the composition of the photographs, as well as the final collage, Tsumura also plays numerous roles as artist cum designer.

The medium of collage serves a platform for showcasing the many processes of Tsumura’s artistry. As the art object is encased in raw form alongside its glossy photographic renderings, Tsumura sets up an interesting twist in visual processing: the present version of an object is realized simultaneously to its artistic history, as if to hint at an evolution of expression, unique to his visions of dreamy new codes.