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ourselves by Yuichi Yokoyama




Artist: Yuichi Yokoyama
Size: H11.7xW8.2in (H29.8xW20.9cm, image size)
Year: 2007
Edition: original
Medium: acrylic on canvas board
Signed on the back
Delivery Time: 2 weeks
Provided in the partnership with:ARATANIURANO

Price: US$800 + Shipping fee
USA/Canada +US$47
Europe +US$54
Asia/Aus +US$35

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The compiled drawings of faces titled ‘ourselves’ consists of unique and almost unrecognizable shapes. Yokoyama’s fascination with faces comes from his childhood. Even today, the artist sees faces on trash cans and trains.

Yokoyama admits to avoid thinking of a character for each face. However, the viewers cannot help but to try to see their own selves or identify someone close to them. “Ourselves” therefore evokes an imagery that unintentionally conveys closeness and intimacy. Fascination with faces makes it easy for us to feel identified.

Yokoyama uses manga books as a main media of his expression. And his paintings or drawings are usually the spin-off from his books. Many characters show up, move around or do something without any explicit conclusion in his manga. And all of the characters have different faces. “Ourselves” is a drawing that let us focus on the uniqueness of each face. In addition to that, the color gives us another depth to perceive it compared to the black and white faces in his books.

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