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Yuichi Yokoyama

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Yuichi Yokoyama

Yuichi Yokoyama was born in 1967 in Miyazaki prefecture. After studying oil painting at an art university, he began to draw manga as a medium that best suited his form of expression. To date, he has produced many manga pieces including, “New Engineering”, “Travel”, “NIWA”, “Outdoor”, and “Baby Boom”, which has gained high acclaim both in and out of Japan. Yuichi Yokoyama’s manga, which he describes as “drawing time”, is a clear departure from common story form manga. Dialog is sparse and onomatopoeias such as “do do do do” and “wa-” are boldly used. In an atmosphere that is uncanny but attractive, cool characters freely move around with a sense of speed. This unique expression that Yokoyama himself describes as “neo-manga” has easily oversome the limits of a two dimensional media to superbly draw “time” and “space”.

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