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there -g- by Kyoko Nagashima

there -g-

there -g-


Artist:?Kyoko Nagashima
Size:?H16.5xW42.7xD3.5in (H420xW1084xD90cm, image size)
Year: 2010
Medium:?Frame box with 3D lenticular acrylic
Signed:?on the back of frame
Delivery Time:?2 weeks
Provided in the partnership with:?Gallery 360 degrees

Price: US$4,000?(price of the work)Shipping fee
?US$100(US, Eur, Asia)

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Nagashima created a distance between the viewer and the space in her work “There”. “There” is a space where the viewer can place their “shadows”. Therefore, she used a new technique in this series to emphasize the spatial depth spread inside the work. She created a space where the viewers can mentally transfer themselves.

Human beings don’t consist of visible characters but of invisible characters hidden under pressure. Even someone who looks calm and composed, is not just that. He or she must have a violent character too. “Shadows” she meant is this hidden or pressured unseen part of a human being.





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