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gira?e tower 2010 by Hiroshi Fuji

gira?e tower 2010
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gira?e tower 2010

Artist: Hiroshi Fuji
Size:?W5.9xD9.8xH20.1in (W15xD25xH51cm, image size)
Year: 2009
Medium:?Mixed media
Signed:?on?work and the certificate of authority
Delivery Time: 2 weeks
Provided in the partnership with:MORI YU GALLERY

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Artwork from a project
This giraffe tower was made for the exhibition “Project to make a fictitious character Fujishima Hachijuro” held at The Setouchi International Art Festival 2010. The Setouchi International Art Festival is a contemporary art festival that takes place on multiple islands of the Seto Inland Sea. It was first held in 2010 and it attracted a huge response from hundreds of thousands of visitors. This giraffe was set at the sea side as it is shown in the drawing “IFH-GT”. Fuji creates a new object by combining old toys collected from children as in the “Happy Ring” series.

About “Project to make a fictitious character Fujishima Hachijuro”
Fuji created a fictitious character named Hachijuro Fujishima . Hachijuro lives in Karato oka and is an aspiring children’s book author. However, he is a clumsy man and has even been called “Useless Hachijuro.” This is a project to get the fictitious character to be useful in the community. Traces of his activity are left behind as a result of the involvement of visitors, the community, and the volunteers, and the house where he lives has changed on a daily basis. Hachijuro has continued activities in Teshima while working together more and more with the community─the play equipment of the nearby Natural House has been repainted, the floor of the assembly hall has been polished, a sign that serves as a guide to island stores has been created at the port, including this giraffe tower.

gira?e tower_02 gira?e tower_01

Viewing from another angle.    ?Giraffe tower with its drawing sold seperately

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