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Derkholm by Etsuko Fukaya

Untitle (22)

Untitle (22)


Artist: Etsuko Fukaya

Size: H7.9 x W8.5in (H20.0 x W21.5cm, image size)

Year: 2008

Edition: 30

Medium: Etching


Delivery Time: 3 weeks

Provided in the partnership with: YAMAMOTO GENDAI

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Europe +US$50

Asia/Aus +US$30

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“I want to draw what is alive” says Fukaya – and for her, this means that capturing every hair of an animal’s fur, every platelet of a fish’s scales, every marking on a flower’s petals is essential to her pursuit. Thus, she chose etching as her ideal medium, favoring its ability to create the most precise linework. Pushing this medium to its limits, Fukaya achieves the finest lines. Yet, maintaining that “a magnifying object would be an obstacle between herself and her work,” Fukaya relentlessly overworks her own naked eyes to produce artworks. In imparting such intense energy, her creatures appear to sing with an overflowing vivacity.

In the field of contemporary art, where large works practically reign, Fukaya’s works take a smaller form, with the majority of the pieces fitting within a12 in. x 12 in. (30cm x 30cm) framework. In this compact space, rich worlds emerge and it is impossible to tire of any one of her works, even after staring a single piece for hours.